Night Demons

I can’t sleep. Night demons scratching at my back once again; Taunting me. Even when I close my eyes, they don’t get the message that they’re not welcome. Unwanted, uninvited pests, lurking through my thoughts, flipping through my conscious, reading aloud the crumbled up and tossed out pages of my life. annunciating each and EVERYContinue reading “Night Demons”

…And I’ll Show and Tell You Mine

I dont want perfection Show me the scratches, bruises, and broken pieces of what use to be something whole Show me the defects, faded scars, stitches, deep cuts; I want to see it all. Tell me the pain below the surface, the things that haunt your soul, the demons that violently tap on your shoulderContinue reading “…And I’ll Show and Tell You Mine”