“Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self was another”

– Toni Morrison

Rest. Wander. Understand.

As I quest for self realization and journey into the deep, I seem to find more answers in my sleep. This must be why the devil tries to keep me awake, to shield me from truths he cannot take. The body needs rest and the spirit needs to wander so the mind can understand. EverythingContinue reading “Rest. Wander. Understand.”

Night Demons

I can’t sleep. Night demons scratching at my back once again; Taunting me. Even when I close my eyes, they don’t get the message that they’re not welcome. Unwanted, uninvited pests, lurking through my thoughts, flipping through my conscious, reading aloud the crumbled up and tossed out pages of my life. annunciating each and EVERYContinue reading “Night Demons”

What is Freedom?

There is something about water. The ocean, the waves, the sound, the sway, the ebb, and flow. It goes every which way because it can and there’s nothing anybody can do about it either. Its freedom. Water is Freedom.

Always Forward

She is always in constant motion. Forward is her only direction. Forward is her only protection against the pass that attempts to haunt her future. Her mind ebbs and flows like the ocean. Back-and-forth to make a choice. Back-and-forth to find her voice to be loud enough to drown the whispers of what used toContinue reading “Always Forward”


He was exposed; already naked. He told me it was my turn to strip. I hesitated, then loosened my shoulders, removing the weight of the world. He told me to keep going. So, I slowly turned around as my insecurities fell to the floor. He told me to keep going. So, I walked toward him,Continue reading “S T R I P”

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